This tried and true method has worked for centuries. If you’ve smoked a joint, packed a bowl or hit a bong you’ve experienced the magic of combustion. Though the high temperatures and smoke can irritate, smoking is especially handy in a pinch. All you need is some rolling papers and a trusty lighter to pull this one off.


Using a cannabis topical is not the same as smoking it. Absorbed through the skin, you will not experience a psychoactive effect but instead the therapeutic effects unique to that strain. Especially helpful for aches and pains, topicals interact with the cannabinoid receptors present all over our bodies. We find they work best when directly applied to the area you’d like to relieve.


Vaporizing slowly heats up your plant matter to temperatures below combustion, but hot enough to release the beneficial volatiles like cannabinoids and terpenes. Less odor and more efficient than traditional smoking, vaporizing offers a cooler hit and most units have adjustable temperature modes to dial in the perfect toke. This competitive new market offers plenty of solutions, including portable options that work great. Just be sure to keep those batteries charged!


Ingesting cannabis has a different effect. THC metabolized in the stomach and liver is made more available for a longer period of time. This means that smaller amounts can be just as effective but that it’s also easy to over-do it. Even seasoned smokers should note the THC content of the package and start low and slow until you see how edibles affect you. 


Available in a variety of strains, strengths, and flavors, tinctures work best dripped into a beverage or absorbed under the tongue. Fast acting and potent, tinctures really shine in their versatility and ability to translate the benefits of the whole plant to an easily dosed product. Tinctures can benefit everything from your mood to your sexual arousal. For best results take it slow and note the strength of your tincture and the maker’s intentions.


Different edibles have different absorption rates. Capsules allow producers to use a standard formula and know the exact dosage and activation time. Ideal for people that rely on cannabis for daily relief and don’t care to or have the option to smoke. Capsules typically have super simple ingredients and are made to easily integrate into your daily regiment.

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