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Use Coinbase to shop at Green Box and get $10 in Bitcoin FREE when you sign up!
Plus $10 off your purchase from Green Box when you pay with Bitcoin! That's $20 in savings!!

1. Sign Up For Coinbase

First, create a Coinbase account. Go to this link to download the Coinbase app onto your phone. This will give you a secure place to store your Bitcoin, and easy methods to move your currency in and out of Bitcoin. You can use it to check your balance and make payments.

Create your Coinbase account and get $10 in free bitcoin credited to your account

2. Add a Payment Method

Connect a payment method to Coinbase. You can use a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card (fastest) or a bank account (slowest). Complete a few verification steps, and you’ll be ready to make a purchase!

3. Buy Bitcoin

Now it’s time to buy your Bitcoin using Coinbase! 

Go to the ‘Buy Digital Currency’ page.

Three things to note:

– Coinbase defaults to three available currencies. Be sure you select Bitcoin (BTC).

– Enter the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to buy in USD. The price of Bitcoin changes over time, so Coinbase will show you the current exchange rate before you buy.

– Click Buy Bitcoin Instantly. The transaction should only take a few seconds, and you’ll receive an email once the funds are available to use. If you’re using the mobile app, simply refresh the page.

4. Send Your Bitcoin Payment to Green Box

The final step is to send your Bitcoin payment to Green Box. Don’t worry: It’s quick and easy!

In Coinbase, simply:

– Click the Send/Request tab.

– Select Send Funds. Inside the recipient box you’ll have the option to enter an email address or a bitcoin address. Enter the Bitcoin address that was given to you on the checkout screen. If you’re using the mobile app, you’ll be able to scan the barcode with your mobile device’s camera. If you have trouble scanning the code, you can simply copy the Bitcoin Wallet URL from Green Box, and paste it into Coinbase. *Enter your Order number in the Notes field. 

– After we receive your payment, we’ll send you an email confirmation. Now, sit back, relax, and focus on enjoying your latest Green Box products!

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