Green Box Awarded NuLeaf Project Economic Justice Grant

Green Box Awarded Portland's First Economic Justice Grant

In January of 2019, Green Box (along with Green Hop) was awarded the first Grants from NuLeaf Project as part of the Cannabis Business Development Equity Program. The initiative was created to develop cannabis entrepreneurs from communities that have historically been disproportionately, negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition.

With the launch of the Cannabis Business Development Equity Program, the City of Portland became the first government in the U.S. to invest tax revenue into communities disproportionately harmed by the prohibition of cannabis.

Cannabis Delivery

It’s 2019 – Of course you can have weed delivered to your home.

Gone are the days of driving to a sketchy park to meet your dealer – only to receive a bag filled with sticks and stems. Gone too are the days of sitting in traffic and waiting in long dispensary lines for your weed. Skip the line and save some time by ordering your weed online and having it delivered discreetly to your home in under 2 hours.

Thanks to services like Green Box, getting top shelf cannabis delivered to your home has never been easier. As long as you are 21 or older, have a valid id, and live within Portland city limits – you are free to order.

Green Box carries only the best products from Oregon’s top producers, so rest easy knowing we only carry products we truly believe in. Check out the shop where you will find a wide variety of premium, award-winning cannabis products – all of them available for home delivery.

Here’s some of our current favorites

Layer Cake by Ideal Farms | Green Box
Layer Cake from Ideal Farms

Flower – Layer Cake from Ideal Farms

Layer Cake flower grown by Ideal Farms. Bred from a cross between Wedding Cake x GMO / TK Skunk, Layer Cake is a potent one boasting a THC percentage of over 30%. Crack a nug of this beautiful bud and your nose will be assaulted with intense aromas of citrus and hops. Available for delivery from Green Box, Portlands Premium Weed Delivery service.

BB#3 Water Hash by Nelson & Co | Green Box
BB #3 grown and processed by Nelson & Company Organics.

Concentrate – BB #3 Single Source Water Hash from Nelson & Co.

Nelson & Company have made a name for themselves amongst serious cannabis connoisseurs with their award-winning hash and rosin. The BB #3 is currently a Green Box favorite and it offers users a euphoric, uplifting, and happy high that lasts for hours after your last exhale. Available now for delivery.

Luminous Botanicals - Meadow Blend
Luminous Botanicals Universal Cannabis Tonic

Tincture – Meadow Balanced THC/CBD Universal Tonic from Luminous Botanicals

A Balanced THC/CBD tincture, less psychoactive than the Sky blend this is a recipe for a calm mind body and spirit. The balanced cannabinoids provide an entourage effect that leaves you with more clarity while also providing the relief we know cannabis to provide. We love the Meadow for its ability to replace things in our medicine cabinet we thought we could never live without. Made with Sun-Grown Cannabis from East Fork Cultivars.

Retreats Cannabis Gummies | Green Box

Edible – Retreats Indica Gummies from Willamette Valley Alchemy

The unique flavor of real fruit does a wonderful job flavoring these toothsome treats. Indica cannabis flowers grown by Benson Elvis are the responsible agent in making these grin-inducing gummy goodies, giving them a terrific calming effect. We really love these for impressing out of towners, munching on the sly at a dinner party or popping one in our pocket on the way to a laser light show.

Green Box is proudly a family, veteran, minority, and LGBTQ owned company. Feel good purchasing cannabis from Green Box knowing that 10 percent of your order goes to a local charity.


Intro to Cannabinoids

After the Strain name, there’s one other piece of information we see on the dispensary shelves. The THC percentage. Sure, higher THC levels are usually an indicator of quality but is THC the most important thing to look for in Cannabis?

Actually, NO!

THC is a great piece of information to have but it’s not the whole story. The mix and rations of terpenes and other cannabinoids (which includes THC) are going to have a much more pronounced effect than just the THC alone. Luckily, through the magic of chemistry, we can now look into exactly what is in our weed and have a pretty good idea of how our systems will react to it.

The Entourage Effect: It’s best we touch on this first. The cannabis plant has spent hundreds of years perfecting its mix of chemicals and compounds so it’s no surprise that we see the greatest results when we keep it all together. In concert, these oils and cannabinoids work together to create greater effects than they would on their own. More effective, faster acting and longer lasting.

Though we’ve discovered over 100 Cannabinoids in the flower we love, these are the most abundant and most likely to be found on a lab test of the herb you’ve been smoking. Chosen for their interesting or medicinal qualities, this is the handful of major cannabinoids we test for in cannabis.


This is the other major compound in cannabis. Often called the “feel good” part of the plant, CBD gives most people relief from anxiety. CBD is not intoxicating which makes it appealing to folks who are looking for the relief from cannabis but not a THC experience. With THC, especially at that magical 1:1 ratio CBD starts to have the same relaxing, destressing effects as a long bubble bath.


This is the psychoactive compound, and most pronounced in the bunch. THC has been known to elevate moods all the way up to a sense of euphoria. Even in small amounts it can increase appetites and reduce nausea or inflammation. In larger quantities, you might experience time dilation, which is just a way of saying you can lose track of how long it’s been since you last asked: “what were we just talking about?”.  THC on its own is rather one-note and is really elevated by the other terpenes and cannabinoids present.


A minor cannabinoid (usually less than 1% of the flower) CBG is one of the most medicinally interesting cannabinoids. A great vasodilator, CBG reduces eye pressure and inflammation, great for glaucoma patients or those with high blood pressure. Both breeders and scientists are looking have CBG in their sites and we will be seeing more of this cannabinoid the more we reveal its benefits.


THCA degrades to CBN. So the longer your weed sits around or the more exposure it has to heat and light, the more you’ll get tired instead of stoned. Though this is a rather slow transformation it’s a good reminder to keep your weed well sealed and not to let it sit around for too long.


Also a minor cannabinoid, CBC has been shown to have analgesic properties, particularly when partnered with CBD. Also non-intoxicating, CBC has shown to improve moods and is currently being studied as an antidepressant. Like the other beneficial compounds, CBC also shines as an antiviral and antifungal.


Known to be more psychoactive and clear-headed than THC, THCV is being studied as an appetite suppressant and stimulant. It’s a clear-headed and stimulating effect is prized in some strains but not always what we expect from cannabis. As we dive deeper into THCV don’t be surprised if you see an espresso spiked with this stimulating cannabinoid for a doubly invigorating brew. Vaporized at higher temps, you’ll want to turn your vaporizer up to really take advantage.


Cannabicyclol acid is both anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor, but most remarkable because it withstands super high temps. Luckily for us, edibles like brownies that have been in a not so gentle heating process (the oven) still hold this beneficial cannabinoid.

Keep an eye out for our Terpene primer to further dive into this beautifully complex plant!

Consumption Methods


 This tried and true method has worked for centuries. If you’ve smoked a joint, packed a bowl or hit a bong you’ve experienced the magic of combustion. Though the high temperatures and smoke can irritate, smoking is especially handy in a pinch. All you need is some rolling papers and a trusty lighter to pull this one off.


Using a cannabis topical is not the same as smoking it. Absorbed through the skin, you will not experience a psychoactive effect but instead the therapeutic effects unique to that strain. Especially helpful for aches and pains, topicals interact with the cannabinoid receptors present all over our bodies. We find they work best when directly applied to the area you’d like to relieve.


Vaporizing slowly heats up your plant matter to temperatures below combustion, but hot enough to release the beneficial volatiles like cannabinoids and terpenes. Less odor and more efficient than traditional smoking, vaporizing offers a cooler hit and most units have adjustable temperature modes to dial in the perfect toke. This competitive new market offers plenty of solutions, including portable options that work great. Just be sure to keep those batteries charged!


Ingesting cannabis has a different effect. THC metabolized in the stomach and liver is made more available for a longer period of time. This means that smaller amounts can be just as effective but that it’s also easy to over-do it. Even seasoned smokers should note the THC content of the package and start low and slow until you see how edibles affect you. 


Available in a variety of strains, strengths, and flavors, tinctures work best dripped into a beverage or absorbed under the tongue. Fast acting and potent, tinctures really shine in their versatility and ability to translate the benefits of the whole plant to an easily dosed product. Tinctures can benefit everything from your mood to your sexual arousal. For best results take it slow and note the strength of your tincture and the maker’s intentions.


Different edibles have different absorption rates. Capsules allow producers to use a standard formula and know the exact dosage and activation time. Ideal for people that rely on cannabis for daily relief and don’t care to or have the option to smoke. Capsules typically have super simple ingredients and are made to easily integrate into your daily regiment.