Meadow: Balanced THC/CBD – Universal Cannabis Tonic

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A Balanced THC/CBD tincture, less psychoactive than the Sky blend this is a recipe for a calm mind body and spirit. The balanced cannabinoids provide an entourage effect that leaves you with more clarity while also providing the relief we know cannabis to provide. We love the Meadow for it’s ability to replace things in our medicine cabinet we thought we could never live without.

  • Made with sun-grown cannabis from East Fork Cultivars


Soothing, Calming


0.5 fl oz: 187.5mg THC – 187.5mg CBD

1.0 fl oz: 375mg active THC and 375mg active CBD

Be Cautious:

Cannabinoid products can take up to 2 hours or more to take effect.


0.8mL Sample Vial, 0.5oz, 1.0 oz