It’s 2019 – Of course you can have weed delivered to your home.

Gone are the days of driving to a sketchy park to meet your dealer – only to receive a bag filled with sticks and stems. Gone too are the days of sitting in traffic and waiting in long dispensary lines for your weed. Skip the line and save some time by ordering your weed online and having it delivered discreetly to your home in under 2 hours.

Thanks to services like Green Box, getting top shelf cannabis delivered to your home has never been easier. As long as you are 21 or older, have a valid id, and live within Portland city limits – you are free to order.

Green Box carries only the best products from Oregon’s top producers, so rest easy knowing we only carry products we truly believe in. Check out the shop where you will find a wide variety of premium, award-winning cannabis products – all of them available for home delivery.

Here’s some of our current favorites

Layer Cake by Ideal Farms | Green Box
Layer Cake from Ideal Farms

Flower – Layer Cake from Ideal Farms

Layer Cake flower grown by Ideal Farms. Bred from a cross between Wedding Cake x GMO / TK Skunk, Layer Cake is a potent one boasting a THC percentage of over 30%. Crack a nug of this beautiful bud and your nose will be assaulted with intense aromas of citrus and hops. Available for delivery from Green Box, Portlands Premium Weed Delivery service.

BB#3 Water Hash by Nelson & Co | Green Box
BB #3 grown and processed by Nelson & Company Organics.

Concentrate – BB #3 Single Source Water Hash from Nelson & Co.

Nelson & Company have made a name for themselves amongst serious cannabis connoisseurs with their award-winning hash and rosin. The BB #3 is currently a Green Box favorite and it offers users a euphoric, uplifting, and happy high that lasts for hours after your last exhale. Available now for delivery.

Luminous Botanicals - Meadow Blend
Luminous Botanicals Universal Cannabis Tonic

Tincture – Meadow Balanced THC/CBD Universal Tonic from Luminous Botanicals

A Balanced THC/CBD tincture, less psychoactive than the Sky blend this is a recipe for a calm mind body and spirit. The balanced cannabinoids provide an entourage effect that leaves you with more clarity while also providing the relief we know cannabis to provide. We love the Meadow for its ability to replace things in our medicine cabinet we thought we could never live without. Made with Sun-Grown Cannabis from East Fork Cultivars.

Retreats Cannabis Gummies | Green Box

Edible – Retreats Indica Gummies from Willamette Valley Alchemy

The unique flavor of real fruit does a wonderful job flavoring these toothsome treats. Indica cannabis flowers grown by Benson Elvis are the responsible agent in making these grin-inducing gummy goodies, giving them a terrific calming effect. We really love these for impressing out of towners, munching on the sly at a dinner party or popping one in our pocket on the way to a laser light show.

Green Box is proudly a family, veteran, minority, and LGBTQ owned company. Feel good purchasing cannabis from Green Box knowing that 10 percent of your order goes to a local charity.


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