Mile High Mimosa

Our buddies in Bend have been making this potent ginger brew for years. Now their crowd-pleasing brew with bite is back on the market in slick new packaging and three levels of potency 3 mg, 10 mg, and 25 mg. Our go-to mixer of the moment.

Made with cold pressed ginger, Magic Number is a total treat for the senses. Fizzy and sweet with a fresh ginger bite and the added benefit of THC. The ideal social drink for those avoiding alcohol or switching things up between cocktails. Fun on its own or in place of the Ginger beer in a Moscow Mule, lately we’ve been enjoying it with Prosecco and OJ for Mile High Mimosas. Conveniently available in three strengths, 3, 10, or 25 mg of THC per bottle.


  • Prep time: 5 minutes
    • Yields: Makes around 3 drinks


– Orange Juice (high pulp preferred)

– 1 Bottle Drink Magic Number Ginger Beer (We used the 25mg)

–  Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine or Prosecco (you know which one we used)

– Orange & Lime for Garnish

–  Ten Four Farm’s Mimosa Flower  (for pairing)


– Pour orange juice 1/3 of the way up the champagne glass. Top with another 1/3 of the Drink Magic – Number Ginger Beer and then top with Prosecco or Champagne. Garnish with limes and orange slices.

– Pair with a joint or freshly packed bowl of Ten Four Farms Mimosa flowers. We choose Mimosa for this pairing.

– Enjoy with a loved one or friends!

Intro to Cannabinoids

After the Strain name, there’s one other piece of information we see on the dispensary shelves. The THC percentage. Sure, higher THC levels are usually an indicator of quality but is THC the most important thing to look for in Cannabis?

Actually, NO!

THC is a great piece of information to have but it’s not the whole story. The mix and rations of terpenes and other cannabinoids (which includes THC) are going to have a much more pronounced effect than just the THC alone. Luckily, through the magic of chemistry, we can now look into exactly what is in our weed and have a pretty good idea of how our systems will react to it.

The Entourage Effect: It’s best we touch on this first. The cannabis plant has spent hundreds of years perfecting its mix of chemicals and compounds so it’s no surprise that we see the greatest results when we keep it all together. In concert, these oils and cannabinoids work together to create greater effects than they would on their own. More effective, faster acting and longer lasting.

Though we’ve discovered over 100 Cannabinoids in the flower we love, these are the most abundant and most likely to be found on a lab test of the herb you’ve been smoking. Chosen for their interesting or medicinal qualities, this is the handful of major cannabinoids we test for in cannabis.


This is the other major compound in cannabis. Often called the “feel good” part of the plant, CBD gives most people relief from anxiety. CBD is not intoxicating which makes it appealing to folks who are looking for the relief from cannabis but not a THC experience. With THC, especially at that magical 1:1 ratio CBD starts to have the same relaxing, destressing effects as a long bubble bath.


This is the psychoactive compound, and most pronounced in the bunch. THC has been known to elevate moods all the way up to a sense of euphoria. Even in small amounts it can increase appetites and reduce nausea or inflammation. In larger quantities, you might experience time dilation, which is just a way of saying you can lose track of how long it’s been since you last asked: “what were we just talking about?”.  THC on its own is rather one-note and is really elevated by the other terpenes and cannabinoids present.


A minor cannabinoid (usually less than 1% of the flower) CBG is one of the most medicinally interesting cannabinoids. A great vasodilator, CBG reduces eye pressure and inflammation, great for glaucoma patients or those with high blood pressure. Both breeders and scientists are looking have CBG in their sites and we will be seeing more of this cannabinoid the more we reveal its benefits.


THCA degrades to CBN. So the longer your weed sits around or the more exposure it has to heat and light, the more you’ll get tired instead of stoned. Though this is a rather slow transformation it’s a good reminder to keep your weed well sealed and not to let it sit around for too long.


Also a minor cannabinoid, CBC has been shown to have analgesic properties, particularly when partnered with CBD. Also non-intoxicating, CBC has shown to improve moods and is currently being studied as an antidepressant. Like the other beneficial compounds, CBC also shines as an antiviral and antifungal.


Known to be more psychoactive and clear-headed than THC, THCV is being studied as an appetite suppressant and stimulant. It’s a clear-headed and stimulating effect is prized in some strains but not always what we expect from cannabis. As we dive deeper into THCV don’t be surprised if you see an espresso spiked with this stimulating cannabinoid for a doubly invigorating brew. Vaporized at higher temps, you’ll want to turn your vaporizer up to really take advantage.


Cannabicyclol acid is both anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor, but most remarkable because it withstands super high temps. Luckily for us, edibles like brownies that have been in a not so gentle heating process (the oven) still hold this beneficial cannabinoid.

Keep an eye out for our Terpene primer to further dive into this beautifully complex plant!

Astral OG Cultivated by Ten Four Farms


This flower cultivated by Ten Four Farms has one of the most pleasing scents we’ve encountered. Sweet and bitter dark chocolate notes under a base of candle-shop rich baking spices and a hint of sour cream cake. Combining the cerebral aspects of the 707 Headband and the relaxing euphoria of the Girl Scout Cookies strain, this is a supreme example of modern cannabis. Previously only available in the centerfolds of cannabis magazines, we’re happy to be one of the few providers of this extremely limited batch of premium flower.

Consumption Methods


 This tried and true method has worked for centuries. If you’ve smoked a joint, packed a bowl or hit a bong you’ve experienced the magic of combustion. Though the high temperatures and smoke can irritate, smoking is especially handy in a pinch. All you need is some rolling papers and a trusty lighter to pull this one off.


Using a cannabis topical is not the same as smoking it. Absorbed through the skin, you will not experience a psychoactive effect but instead the therapeutic effects unique to that strain. Especially helpful for aches and pains, topicals interact with the cannabinoid receptors present all over our bodies. We find they work best when directly applied to the area you’d like to relieve.


Vaporizing slowly heats up your plant matter to temperatures below combustion, but hot enough to release the beneficial volatiles like cannabinoids and terpenes. Less odor and more efficient than traditional smoking, vaporizing offers a cooler hit and most units have adjustable temperature modes to dial in the perfect toke. This competitive new market offers plenty of solutions, including portable options that work great. Just be sure to keep those batteries charged!


Ingesting cannabis has a different effect. THC metabolized in the stomach and liver is made more available for a longer period of time. This means that smaller amounts can be just as effective but that it’s also easy to over-do it. Even seasoned smokers should note the THC content of the package and start low and slow until you see how edibles affect you. 


Available in a variety of strains, strengths, and flavors, tinctures work best dripped into a beverage or absorbed under the tongue. Fast acting and potent, tinctures really shine in their versatility and ability to translate the benefits of the whole plant to an easily dosed product. Tinctures can benefit everything from your mood to your sexual arousal. For best results take it slow and note the strength of your tincture and the maker’s intentions.


Different edibles have different absorption rates. Capsules allow producers to use a standard formula and know the exact dosage and activation time. Ideal for people that rely on cannabis for daily relief and don’t care to or have the option to smoke. Capsules typically have super simple ingredients and are made to easily integrate into your daily regiment.

Grilled Peach and Basil Arnold Palmer

Cannabis Infused Grilled Peach Arnold Palmer Warm summer nights should be filled with chill conversations at backyard barbecues, while having friendly joint rolling competitions around a homemade bonfire. When summertime hits and those humid days start to get to you, how can you pass up a refreshing cup of iced tea or lemonade? Now that it’s mid July and it’s starting to heat up; this cannabis enhanced drink would be great addition to burger fresh off the grill or as a midday thirst quencher. All you’re barbecuing buddies will be begging for another pitcher after they get a taste of this tantalizing grilled peach tea!

We’ve all been patiently waiting to make this cannabis infused grilled peach and basil Arnold Palmer; with all the proper ingredients we think it’ll get two thumbs up from the Green Box team. Sip it while sunbathing by the pool or stash it in your canteen for a kayaking adventure. Just like Arnold, regular iced tea can get a bit boring and bland. By mixing it up a little and adding a few new ingredients, we can turn our cannabis concoction into a traditional summertime recipe.


Grilled Peach and Basil Arnold Palmer

  • Prep time: 20 minutes
  • Total time: 20 minutes + time to chill in the fridge

Yields: Makes around 6 cups


  • 2 peaches, cut into wedges
  • 5-6 cups water
  • 5 Bud Brother’s Apothecary Buddha’s Berry or Enlightened Apricot tea bags
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup Hive honey
  • zest from 1 lemon


Preheat the grill to high heat.

Grill the peaches until soft and caramelized, about 2-3 minutes per side. Remove from the grill.

Bring two cups of water to a boil. Remove from the heat and add the tea bags + basil. Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Strain the tea into a pitcher. Discard the tea bags and basil.

Meanwhile, place the grilled peaches and lemon juice in a blender and blend until completely smooth. If desired, you can strain the mixture through a thin kitchen cloth to remove the pulp. Just make sure to squeeze all the juice out.

To the pitcher with the basil tea, add the remaining 3 cups cold water, the peach/lemon mixture, the honey, lemon zest and bourbon (if using). Place in the fridge and chill until cold, at least one hour. Taste, if too sweet add another cup of cold water or more ice cubes.

Serve over ice and garnish with grilled peaches, basil and lemons if desired. Enjoy!


Do you know when to use a topical vs. tincture? Or how to choose strains and determine the right dosage? Join us at our next Know Your Cannabis workshop to get answers to questions like these and learn about the many different consumption methods available, from edibles to sprays.

The Aug. 23 workshop is full, but you can still register for the Sept. 27 workshop (10–11 a.m.) at the Hollywood Senior Center with herbalist Rebecca White, RN, facilitated by Green Box co-founder Adrian Brown.

Space is limited, so register today by calling the senior center at 503-288-8303!Green Box | Know Your Cannabis Workshop

Green Box and Raphael House of Portland

Green BOx Raphael House of Portland Facebook Like Campaign
When we founded Green Box, we had two purposes in mind; first, to supply and deliver a variety of premium local cannabis products right to your front door. The second, to make a positive impact in our community here in Portland. We’ve decided that one way to make a huge difference, is by playing a small role and doing our part in helping the lives of those who have dealt with intimate partner violence. You have the very same chance to make the same impact by donating to Raphael House of Portland!

Raphael House of Portland is a all-purpose domestic violence agency devoted to putting an end to intimate partner violence for good. They serve families and individuals of all backgrounds, cultures, ages, and sexual orientations.

To make a donation to Raphael House of Portland, Please LIKE our Facebook page, SHARE this post via Facebook & please spread the word…it just takes a few seconds for you to make a  world of difference. For every LIKE on our page, Green Box will make a $1  donation.

Fitness and Cannabis

Green Box | Cannabis Workout | Fitness Being active, whether you’re doing fitness from the comfort of your living room or at the local gym, sometimes calls for a little extra motivation and maybe some natural remedies when it’s time for restoration and recovery. Many of us long for alternative ways to partake while continuing to infuse cannabis into our workout routine. A preroll or a bong rip isn’t always the most efficient way to loosen up prior to a workout, and puffing on a pipe afterwards could leave you feeling beyond out of breath. By unearthing a variety of options to get up and going beforehand, you’ll forget all about the fatigue resting in your muscles. Then you’ll be completely at ease when it comes time to remedy and relieve any post workout pain providing the ultimate rescue.

Keep the pre-workout protein powder in the pantry and pop a Periodic Edible’s Sativa Coffee Caramel in your mouth instead. Why deal with a case of the jitters during exercise and fitness because of a cup of coffee? The effects of the sativa fused with a zing of java will add some extra moxie and a punch to your daily workout routine. Periodic Edible’s Sativa Coffee Caramel can easily be taken right before an early morning jog, a circuit workout, or a cycling session. Step up the stamina by revamping your weekly workout routines and boost up with a sativa coffee caramel from Periodic Edibles.
Cannabis Recovery LUM BOT Cure All Toro CBD BarFor a mid-workout break or to wind down after an intense round of fitness, take ten minutes to keep those muscles loose while puffing on a Truly Pure Vape Cartridge for an added pick-me-up. Effects will be felt almost instantly. Fits just fine in your gym bag and serves as a sly little sidekick when you need a quick hit of the vape pen. Breathe in all natural Oregon grown cannabis oil and allow rigor and rigidity to evaporate as you exhale invigorating and revitalizing vapor clouds.

Green Box Canna Fit Workout Recovery PE Sativa Coffee Caramel Truly Pure Vape Pen

It’s crucial to make time for that post workout stretching session and transition into recovery. Get rid of the tension that rests in your t-bands and restore those cramping calves with the 50/50 Meadow Blend by Luminous Botanicals. With this balance of THC and CBD, this tincture can be consumed or rubbed on sore muscles to deliver a less psychoactive effect. Known to induce clarity, use the Meadow Blend tincture to soothe and console your conscious and send you into cerebral paradise.

De-stress and dose up for some downtime by digging into a high CBD single origin dark chocolate bar from Toro Ma. Completely solventless, Tora Ma infuses each chocolate bar with AC/DC strain specific kief to assure alleviation against pain. It only takes a few bites of this robust bar, with light hints of berry flavor, to immediately trigger the dynamic properties of CBD. Release, tone down, and heal any discomfort, muscle spasms, or soreness while Toro Ma’s high CBD dark chocolate bar goes to work as more than just a satisfying CBD infused snack for post fitness recovery.

Green Box | Cannabis Recovery LUM BOT Cure All Toro CBD Bar

Now, integrating cannabis and CBD with your daily fitness routine can be done effortlessly before, during, or after a workout. If you’re in need of some morning motivation, look no further than a Periodic Edibles Sativa Coffee Caramel for that added pep in your step. Then take a timeout with a few pulls from a Truly Pure Vape Cartridge to assist in some replenished energy and to take the edge off a bit. Next let’s return to a sedative state, cool off, and take it easy with Luminous Botanicals Meadow Blend tincture and a Toro Ma high CBD chocolate bar. With a newly enhanced cannabis fueled workout routine your fitness will be sure to reach new heights.

At Home Spa Day

At Home Spa Day Series Part One

Making the most of out your days off while doing your best to get some downtime can be a challenge. Even finding in between time to cherish the isolated moments of a little peace and quiet can be hard to come by. Sometimes cozying up on the couch with your favorite book just isn’t enough to fulfill your weekend dreams of rest and relaxation at home.

Most weekends can become jam-packed with chores, errands, fun with friends and family, or overdue homework you swear you were going to finish earlier in the week. The kids might have prior engagements that require a driver, and sometimes we just lose an entire day attending to the mundane. In cases such as these, we just need an entire day to unwind, recline, and hit the pause button while rejoicing in some much needed unaccompanied time off.

Empower Cannabis Therapeutic Soaking Salts
Empower Cannabis Therapeutic Soaking Salts

If you luck out and get the house to yourself for the day, an at-home spa day is be something to be cherished. Dissolve all your aches and stressors from the long work week by flooding your bathtub with Empower Body Care’s cannabis-infused soaking salts. Diffuse the distractions and dilemmas of the day and indulge in the sweet sensations of a Periodic Edible’s indica caramel. Then crush any worries or bad vibes by puffing on Portland Premium’s finest AC/DC flower. As a creature of comfort, allow yourself to experience relief and recreation by fusing your solo spa day with these three cannabis products.

Start your at home spa day by sliding into a tub of splendorous suds, accompanied by Empower Body Care’s cannabis-infused soaking salts. Using a healing blend of therapeutic essential oils, Empower’s Black Label will help mitigate and fritter away inflammation, spasms, creaks, and induce pain relief. THC and CBD cannabinoids come together to initiate a relaxed and almost dreamlike state, as you drift into a subtle daytime slumber.

Green Box | Spa Day with Empower Cannabis Infused Bath Salts and Joint

Recovering from the many demands of a pressing work week can take a toll on the mind, body, and soul. Empower soaking salts will battle any bump or bruise and take on the role of your at-home spa day specialist. By restoring, rehabilitating, and rejuvenating every aching inch, these THC and CBD infused soaking salts will help you hit the reset button by washing away all the pain.

Now it’s time to satisfy, nourish, and spoil your tastebuds. Pair a Periodic Edible’s Indica Cocoa Caramel with a freshly brewed cup of coffee to capture the rich velvety bursts of flavor. Then shift gears as you kick up your feet and nosedive into your favorite book, or settle into a serene state while escaping the world around by listening to some midmorning tunes.

Acknowledge and accept that these artisan caramels can combat chronic pain, as you savor the full effects of ease, leisure, and luxury. Periodic Edibles have united THC and CBD by crafting caramel confections that will not only take the edge off but move you into the mellowest of moods. Retract, reverse, and begin to rule out the tension and tenderness by biting into one of Periodic’s cannabis caramels.

Take a second to transition, simmer down, fill your favorite glass piece or roll a personal joint with Portland Premium’s all natural AC/DC. Inhale focus, lucidity, and calm nerves. Exhale stress, anxiety, and negativity. This high CBD sativa-dominant strain serves as an intimate medicinal mender as you fade and evaporate into clouds of clarity. This is an excellent time to pop in one of your favorite films or break out that old journal of yours that’s been collecting dust. Remember, an at-home spa day doesn’t always and only have to consist of pampering.

With Portland Premium’s AC/DC aromatic earthy, lemony undertones and CBD richness, indulging in another couple extra bowls isn’t entirely out of the question. Invest in the therapeutic relief of the miracle molecules known as cannabinoids. Hints of the myrcene terpene found in the AC/DC cannabis will induce restoration while neutralizing pangs, pain, and discomfort. Breathe easy as the rigidity of your muscles vanishes, as both terpenes and cannabinoids work together to synergistically bring you long-lasting harmony.

Do yourself the flawless favor by taking full advantage of all the healing powers and invigorating influences inherited by Empower Body Care Balt Salts, Periodic Edible’s Indica Cocoa Caramels, and Portland Premium’s finest AC/DC. Propel your at home spa day fantasies and be as indulgent as you wish by reserving your weekend for some solo time out.

With all of the stresses and strains that come along with everyday life, it’s crucial to take some time for ourselves and bask in a much needed day off. Not all of us can afford the luxury of a day at the spa or even have the time. Nevertheless, all of us deserve a break and first and foremost we all should have the right to medicate while savoring the seclusion of an at-home spa day.

Date Night Done Right

Stick Men Date Night

Intimacy is supposed to be surprising and spur of the moment, right? Get real! Being busy often means planning a date night and maybe even scheduling some snuggle time. Having a few things on hand for a close encounter can be the difference between going to bed early and going to sleep early. Start with a couple of CBD Chai Caramels, a sweet and spicy token for mutual relaxation. Get into the Empower 4PLAY Sensual Oil. Sweetly scented with coconut and almond oils, stacked on floral herbal notes and rounded out with cannabis. Empower’s secret weapon is sensual aromatherapy.  The perfect texture and viscosity to be either dropped on or rubbed in. We like Empower’s message, “Put It Where You Please” and with its light scent and taste, you’ll have plenty of room for you and a partner to figure the best place to put it. Finally, recover with a relaxing and cerebral vaporizer full of an expertly grown and cured Gorilla Glue by Nelson & Co Organics. Exhale the evening and dream on, your at home date night done right, then promptly schedule your next encounter.