Strain Spotlight: Duct Tape

duct tape

Grown by: Burnside Garden Collective

Bred by: Archive Seedbank

Lineage: Original Glue (GG4) x Dosidos

Potency: 25.6% THC | 0.18% CBD

About Duct Tape

Duct Tape inherits the gassy, piney and chocolate aromas of Original Glue and the incense and hash notes of Dosidos. One crack of a nug will assault your nose hairs with a thick aroma of earthy, gassy, and fuel notes.


Gorilla Glue received its name partly due to the fact that once you smoke it, you just might find yourself glued to the couch. Duct Tape will have you feeling that same sort of full-body relaxation while also making your eyes feel very heavy. Almost like there is some Duct Tape pulling your eyelids down. (See what I did there?) In addition to full-bodied relaxation, you can also expect a pretty strong feeling of euphoria wash over you after that first exhale

Why We Love It

Duct Tape hits all the marks we look for when searching for high quality cannabis. The smell, look, feel, and structure are all phenomenal. Duct Tape is a great strain for those suffering from pain or sleeplessness. It is important to note that every body reacts to cannabis differently, so what works for us is not guaranteed to work for you. With that being said, if you are struggling with pain, insomnia, or stress, this is definitely a strain worth giving a try.

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