At Home Spa Day

At Home Spa Day Series Part One

Making the most of out your days off while doing your best to get some downtime can be a challenge. Even finding in between time to cherish the isolated moments of a little peace and quiet can be hard to come by. Sometimes cozying up on the couch with your favorite book just isn’t enough to fulfill your weekend dreams of rest and relaxation at home.

Most weekends can become jam-packed with chores, errands, fun with friends and family, or overdue homework you swear you were going to finish earlier in the week. The kids might have prior engagements that require a driver, and sometimes we just lose an entire day attending to the mundane. In cases such as these, we just need an entire day to unwind, recline, and hit the pause button while rejoicing in some much needed unaccompanied time off.

Empower Cannabis Therapeutic Soaking Salts
Empower Cannabis Therapeutic Soaking Salts

If you luck out and get the house to yourself for the day, an at-home spa day is be something to be cherished. Dissolve all your aches and stressors from the long work week by flooding your bathtub with Empower Body Care’s cannabis-infused soaking salts. Diffuse the distractions and dilemmas of the day and indulge in the sweet sensations of a Periodic Edible’s indica caramel. Then crush any worries or bad vibes by puffing on Portland Premium’s finest AC/DC flower. As a creature of comfort, allow yourself to experience relief and recreation by fusing your solo spa day with these three cannabis products.

Start your at home spa day by sliding into a tub of splendorous suds, accompanied by Empower Body Care’s cannabis-infused soaking salts. Using a healing blend of therapeutic essential oils, Empower’s Black Label will help mitigate and fritter away inflammation, spasms, creaks, and induce pain relief. THC and CBD cannabinoids come together to initiate a relaxed and almost dreamlike state, as you drift into a subtle daytime slumber.

Green Box | Spa Day with Empower Cannabis Infused Bath Salts and Joint

Recovering from the many demands of a pressing work week can take a toll on the mind, body, and soul. Empower soaking salts will battle any bump or bruise and take on the role of your at-home spa day specialist. By restoring, rehabilitating, and rejuvenating every aching inch, these THC and CBD infused soaking salts will help you hit the reset button by washing away all the pain.

Now it’s time to satisfy, nourish, and spoil your tastebuds. Pair a Periodic Edible’s Indica Cocoa Caramel with a freshly brewed cup of coffee to capture the rich velvety bursts of flavor. Then shift gears as you kick up your feet and nosedive into your favorite book, or settle into a serene state while escaping the world around by listening to some midmorning tunes.

Acknowledge and accept that these artisan caramels can combat chronic pain, as you savor the full effects of ease, leisure, and luxury. Periodic Edibles have united THC and CBD by crafting caramel confections that will not only take the edge off but move you into the mellowest of moods. Retract, reverse, and begin to rule out the tension and tenderness by biting into one of Periodic’s cannabis caramels.

Take a second to transition, simmer down, fill your favorite glass piece or roll a personal joint with Portland Premium’s all natural AC/DC. Inhale focus, lucidity, and calm nerves. Exhale stress, anxiety, and negativity. This high CBD sativa-dominant strain serves as an intimate medicinal mender as you fade and evaporate into clouds of clarity. This is an excellent time to pop in one of your favorite films or break out that old journal of yours that’s been collecting dust. Remember, an at-home spa day doesn’t always and only have to consist of pampering.

With Portland Premium’s AC/DC aromatic earthy, lemony undertones and CBD richness, indulging in another couple extra bowls isn’t entirely out of the question. Invest in the therapeutic relief of the miracle molecules known as cannabinoids. Hints of the myrcene terpene found in the AC/DC cannabis will induce restoration while neutralizing pangs, pain, and discomfort. Breathe easy as the rigidity of your muscles vanishes, as both terpenes and cannabinoids work together to synergistically bring you long-lasting harmony.

Do yourself the flawless favor by taking full advantage of all the healing powers and invigorating influences inherited by Empower Body Care Balt Salts, Periodic Edible’s Indica Cocoa Caramels, and Portland Premium’s finest AC/DC. Propel your at home spa day fantasies and be as indulgent as you wish by reserving your weekend for some solo time out.

With all of the stresses and strains that come along with everyday life, it’s crucial to take some time for ourselves and bask in a much needed day off. Not all of us can afford the luxury of a day at the spa or even have the time. Nevertheless, all of us deserve a break and first and foremost we all should have the right to medicate while savoring the seclusion of an at-home spa day.