Cannabis Valentine’s Gifts They’ll Actually Love

Every February, many of us struggle with choosing the perfect gifts for our sweethearts. Luckily, they love cannabis, and you live in Oregon! Trust the curated Cannabinoid treats selected by Green Box to make this the most memorable Valentine’s yet. Here are our suggestions for a romantic custom box.

Chocolate is always a classic part of the holiday and we’ve put together a special Chocolate Lover’s box just for your special person. You’ll get Fudgy Brownie Bites by Laurie & Mary Jane, each made locally with love and 10mg of THC per brownie. There’s also an assortment of Wyld fruit enhanced chocolates in Sativa, indica and hybrid-specific varieties, mildly dosed with 5mg THC each. Finally, there’s the double dark chocolate bar by Leif Goods, an indulgent vegan and fair trade chocolate infused with 50mg of THC.

Let your significant other pick one of these sweet infused treats for dessert, then lead them to the tub for a hot bath you’ve upgraded with Empower Soaking Salts. This blend of Dead Sea and Himalayan salt is gently infused with both THC and CBD that physically calms and also provides aromatherapy with bergamot and lavender essential oils. Share a Quill Harle-Tsu CBD vape pen during the bath for maximum chill effect without adding additional intoxication after all that delicious THC chocolate!

Take advantage of the post-bath bliss and offer to give them a medicated massage with one of our infused oil selections. You can choose either of the offerings from Medicine Farms Botanicals we’ve stocked in either Sweet Citrus or Evergreen scent. Medicine Farms infuses each high-quality blend with pure essential oils and distillate extracted cannabis for a soothing dose of 150mg of THC per bottle. A few drops massaged into the neck or other areas of tension will relax and offer a gentle warming sensation to soothe and unwind tired muscles.