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Adrian Wayman Green Box Founder

Everyone’s relationship with cannabis is different—that’s certainly true for Green Box co-founders Adrian Wayman and Bob Wayman. Adrian has been using marijuana for years to relax and unwind. Now he’s thrilled that his hobby has led him to become one of the only African-American business owners in the cannabis industry. Adrian, whose partner is Ryan, is also proud to be one of the few gay entrepreneurs in the industry.

Bob is a disabled veteran of the Vietnam War who turned to marijuana as an alternative to the narcotics that doctors prescribed to treat his chronic pain. With some helpful guidance and a little experimentation, Bob found the right mix—a few drops a day that don’t make him sleepy or foggy-headed but do relieve his pain, stress, and anxiety.

Together, Adrian and Bob are pleased to offer other people the opportunity to discover and enjoy the same high-quality products they use to feel better, relax, and get more out of life.