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White Chocolate Blueberries – CBD

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Gron takes Oregon blueberries and coats each one with their artisanal fair trade white chocolate to create a decadent treat that also relaxes the body and mind. They’ve taken locally produced high CBD cannabis extract and infused it into the white chocolate, and all you’ll taste is rich sweetness. The low THC content-under 1mg per bite- and 5mg of CBD makes it a great choice for soothing stress and anxiety without a stoned feeling.

Each fruity bite melts in your mouth, followed by feelings of light body relaxation and well-being. All ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced, from the Clean Green Certified extracts used to infuse the chocolate to the local Oregon berries and fair trade cacao. Gron is local to PDX and prioritizes sustainability and quality to produce premium chocolates with rich nuanced flavors.

  • High CBD
  • Low THC
  • Made with Organic Oregon Blueberries


Mellow, Uplifting