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Green Box Dab Box

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Green Box Dab Box

The Green Box Dab Box is a one-time delivery of 5 grams of premium extracts and concentrates sent right to your doorstep.

We’ll hand-pick 5 extracts and/or concentrates curated and personalized to your tastes.

Each delivery is different, but you’ll always find a unique selection of various live resins, rosin, hash, shatter, diamonds, and sauce.


Tax is included in the price. Sales tax excludes OMMP cardholders. Sales tax will be removed after verification of order for OMMP.

*Picture shown above is sample box and does not reflect actual box contents.


About Green Box:

Green Box is a curated cannabis club that delivers premium cannabis products monthly to members’ homes. The company works with award-winning Oregon growers, producers, processors, bakers, and extractors to give members the opportunity to discover 4-6 premium cannabis products each month. Green Box is proud to be 100% Family, Veteran, LGBTQ and Black owned local business started without any outside investors.


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