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Redwood Burl Live Rosin

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Redwood Burl with flower grown by Rogue Farmer and processed by Willamette Valley Alchemy.

“Live Rosin”

Live Rosin is a top-tier WVA dab-able made from only WPFF flower. WPFF material is first processed into Ice Resin before being separated into grades, and then pressed at low temperatures. The resulting concentrate is high in THC, and terpenes. It can have a few different consistencies, but usually will have a cake batter-like consistency most similar to “Live Badder”. It is packaged into childproof glass jars and appeals to cannabis connoisseurs looking for a product processed using no solvents.



Euphoric, Chill, Relaxed


THC: 70.86%

CBD: 0.28%

Total Terpenes: 3.74%

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