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Dreamboat Gummies

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10 Dreamboat Gummies from JUNK with THC, CBN, & Reishi

Sleep Tight Cannabis Edible

Product Details

100% vegan, gluten-free, all-natural, and infused with medicinal mushrooms and supplements for predictable and amazing effects.

A delectable blackberry gummy made with full-spectrum cannabis oil.

100mg THC in a 10-piece pack
50mg CBN
50mg Reishi for relaxation, improved mood and better brain function.



Relaxing, Calming, Sleepy



100mg THC / 3.82mg CBD / 53.9mg CBN per container

10.48mg THC / .38mg CBD / 5.39mg CBN per serving


Nutrition Facts Servings:

10, Serv. size: 1gummy(5.4g),
Amount per serving: Calories 4, Total Fat 2g, Cholest. Omg,
Sodium .7mg, Total Carb. 2g, Total Sugars .2g, Protein 0g.


Cane sugar, glucose, pectin, pea starch, Reishi, natural flavor,
food color from natural fruit juice, sodium citrate, cannabis concentrate,
artificially derived cannabinol (CBN) hemp extract, citric acid, lactic acid. Made
in a facility that handles wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Weight 54 g


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