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Dream Lavender Mints

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The sublime delights of a night spent within the reveries of slumber can never be underestimated. Allow Mr. Moxey’s Dream Artisan Mints to be your turndown-service with a delicate blend of lavender, passion flower, and valerian root to help the longest days to drift away into a dream.


2.5mg THC per mint

5mg CBD per mint

2.5mg CBN

per mint
Full-spectrum indica extract
Naturopathic herbs: cinnamon, hops flowers, and linden blossom

Test Results

2.5mg THC/piece | 25mg THC/container

5mg CBD/piece | 50mg CBD/container

2.5mg CBN/piece | 2.5mg CBN/container


Relaxing, Mellow, Calming


Powdered sugar (sugar, corn starch), maltodextrin, cannabis extract, cinnamon oil, linden blossom, hop flowers, agar, gum tragacanth

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