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CBG+CBD+CBN+THC 1:1:1:1 Tincture

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This potent multi-cannabinoid tincture will surely soothe whatever plagues you mentally and physically. Equal parts of CBN, CBG, THC, and CBD provide strong mental and physical relaxation.

These 1.0 oz tinctures are made with fractionated coconut oil and CO2 full-spectrum cannabis oil. Each batch is strain-specific and can be applied directly in the mouth or added to food or beverage.


CBN: 4.70 mg/serving

THC: 5.27 mg/serving

CBD: 4.85 mg/serving

CBG: 5.23 mg/serving

CBN: 141.0 mg/container

THC: 158.1 mg/container

CBD: 145.5 mg/container

CBG: 156.9 mg/container

Total Cannabinoids: 612mg

Serving Size = 1 Dropperful (0.93mL)


Mellow, Calming


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