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Cannabis Glycerite Whole Plant CBD

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Danodan delivers a synergistic, whole plant experience, one you can customize and control based on your own health needs or social situations.

The Whole Plant Advantage

Our whole plant infusions capture much more than CBD. Our process delivers a wider spectrum of cannabinoids and other adaptogenic plant properties to help harmonize and increase their therapeutic potential.

Slow Batch Processing

We steep small batches of Oregon-grown cannabis in organic vegetable glycerin for several weeks. After gentle heating and cooling, we press and filter. The result is a delicious, full spectrum tincture showcasing the unique flavors and effects of carefully selected cultivars from our farm partners.

  • Delightful sugar-free flavoring for coffee, tea, beer, and other beverages.
  • Our whole plant infusion delivers more flavor, aroma and nutritional value.
  • Provides more than CBD for a full spectrum experience.
  • Customize your doses and recipes.
  • Free of oil concentrates derived from harsh solvents, CO2, butane or alcohol
  • Organic vegetable glycerin
  • Cannabis Flowers & Trim.GMO-free and does not contain dairy, soy, wheat or gluten. Produced┬áin a nut-free facility.



CBD: 102mg per bottle

THC: 21mg per bottle

CBD: 3.4mg per serving

THC: .7mg per serving