Adabinol Cannabis Syrup – Mango 980mg

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Mango Adabinol – 4 FL OZ Bottle 980mg of THC

Adabinol is a Live Resin Infused Cannabis syrup- a perfectly blended premium quality liquid cannabinoid and terpene combination that is easy to dose. It doesn’t stick to your cup and mixes well into many beverages. It is highly absorbable and effects are almost immediately felt.

This Mango Adabinol provides NanoEnhanced delivery so it is more bioavailable to the body. As soon as it enters the mouth absorption begins within the mucosal tissue.

  • Discrete Ingestion
  • No smoking Required
  • Measured Dose
  • Easy to Enjoy Socially
  • Delicious!


980mg of THC


Super Chill

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