We spend a lot of time curating some of the best cannabis in Oregon, so you don’t have to waste time sifting through the clutter of the many cannabis products you encounter on your social feed, or in at the counter at your neighborhood shop. Here are some of our favorites. Sure, they’re biased. But it’s what we’ve been enjoying at home ourselves.

Adro’s Picks:

Berries & Cremé cultivated and bred by Certified PDX

“It’s deeply relaxing, but functional, I’ve been using it mostly to mellow out my afternoons. After all the coffee in the morning, I can get jittery sometimes. I few puffs on my Pax and I’m good to go. The flavors are bursting with sweet berry jam notes.”

Nepalese Kush cultivated by Mindful

“I love how this flower looks! It’s literally covered in trichomes! It’s uplifting and happy, earthy and savory flavors, I love rolling a joint just before a long walk with the dogs.”

Grön Dark Chocolate Caramels

“They’re sprinkled with vanilla bean sea salt, which pairs well with the sweet caramel. This classic combo got an upgrade. They literally melt in your mouth. It’s hard just having two. I’ve been enjoying them with a hot cup of coffee.”  

Drink Magic Number Cold Brewed Coffee

“Nothing beats an iced cold coffee on a hot spring day! I don’t usually like sweetened coffee, but this one is just a tad, giving it a nice uplifting boost! My new go to when I have a long to-do list!”

Pineapple Jager 2:1 Pax Era Pod

“My absolute favorite in the box right now. It’s portable, discreet, ultra tasty, and single-sourced from East Fork Cultivars sun-grown CBD flower. No added fruit terpenes or flavors. It provides quick CBD therapy. It has been great for my anxiety.”

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