Our industry

Historically, cannabis has had a negative stigma, Green Box is part of a movement that strives to change that. We deliver premium, sophisticated cannabis products to customers who want to open up a curated box and discover exceptional new products and experiences.

Our customers

Some Green Box customers already enjoy cannabis and want to try different products. Others find shopping for cannabis products to be overwhelming, uncomfortable, or inconvenient. We take the pressure out of the experience and open up the exciting world of cannabis possibilities to more people across Portland.

We believe it’s essential to have a strong relationship with each customer. With that in mind, we listen closely to customer desires, offer informed suggestions, and take feedback to heart, so we can continually improve our products and services. We also manage memberships as efficiently as possible, so customers get what they want at a reasonable price, without hassles.

Our products

Every Green Box is filled with love. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, we curate each box to match customers’ unique tastes, interests, and dietary preferences.

Inside each box are the highest-quality cannabis products — always organic and provided by sustainable producers. We buy local whenever possible and support business growth for our community farmers.

Because of the quality of Green Box products, customers can experiment freely and joyfully!

Our community

We are an open, inclusive business that strives to build a better community.

We partner with award-winning, sustainable producers and farmers whose products we have fully researched and experimented with ourselves. We are proud to support these high-quality local partners who share our passion for great organic cannabis products.     

With Green Box Giving, we are also proud to support local nonprofits by donating 10% of profits from every box purchased by members.