Fitness and Cannabis

Green Box | Cannabis Workout | Fitness Being active, whether you’re doing fitness from the comfort of your living room or at the local gym, sometimes calls for a little extra motivation and maybe some natural remedies when it’s time for restoration and recovery. Many of us long for alternative ways to partake while continuing to infuse cannabis into our workout routine. A preroll or a bong rip isn’t always the most efficient way to loosen up prior to a workout, and puffing on a pipe afterwards could leave you feeling beyond out of breath. By unearthing a variety of options to get up and going beforehand, you’ll forget all about the fatigue resting in your muscles. Then you’ll be completely at ease when it comes time to remedy and relieve any post workout pain providing the ultimate rescue.

Keep the pre-workout protein powder in the pantry and pop a Periodic Edible’s Sativa Coffee Caramel in your mouth instead. Why deal with a case of the jitters during exercise and fitness because of a cup of coffee? The effects of the sativa fused with a zing of java will add some extra moxie and a punch to your daily workout routine. Periodic Edible’s Sativa Coffee Caramel can easily be taken right before an early morning jog, a circuit workout, or a cycling session. Step up the stamina by revamping your weekly workout routines and boost up with a sativa coffee caramel from Periodic Edibles.
Cannabis Recovery LUM BOT Cure All Toro CBD BarFor a mid-workout break or to wind down after an intense round of fitness, take ten minutes to keep those muscles loose while puffing on a Truly Pure Vape Cartridge for an added pick-me-up. Effects will be felt almost instantly. Fits just fine in your gym bag and serves as a sly little sidekick when you need a quick hit of the vape pen. Breathe in all natural Oregon grown cannabis oil and allow rigor and rigidity to evaporate as you exhale invigorating and revitalizing vapor clouds.

Green Box Canna Fit Workout Recovery PE Sativa Coffee Caramel Truly Pure Vape Pen

It’s crucial to make time for that post workout stretching session and transition into recovery. Get rid of the tension that rests in your t-bands and restore those cramping calves with the 50/50 Meadow Blend by Luminous Botanicals. With this balance of THC and CBD, this tincture can be consumed or rubbed on sore muscles to deliver a less psychoactive effect. Known to induce clarity, use the Meadow Blend tincture to soothe and console your conscious and send you into cerebral paradise.

De-stress and dose up for some downtime by digging into a high CBD single origin dark chocolate bar from Toro Ma. Completely solventless, Tora Ma infuses each chocolate bar with AC/DC strain specific kief to assure alleviation against pain. It only takes a few bites of this robust bar, with light hints of berry flavor, to immediately trigger the dynamic properties of CBD. Release, tone down, and heal any discomfort, muscle spasms, or soreness while Toro Ma’s high CBD dark chocolate bar goes to work as more than just a satisfying CBD infused snack for post fitness recovery.

Green Box | Cannabis Recovery LUM BOT Cure All Toro CBD Bar

Now, integrating cannabis and CBD with your daily fitness routine can be done effortlessly before, during, or after a workout. If you’re in need of some morning motivation, look no further than a Periodic Edibles Sativa Coffee Caramel for that added pep in your step. Then take a timeout with a few pulls from a Truly Pure Vape Cartridge to assist in some replenished energy and to take the edge off a bit. Next let’s return to a sedative state, cool off, and take it easy with Luminous Botanicals Meadow Blend tincture and a Toro Ma high CBD chocolate bar. With a newly enhanced cannabis fueled workout routine your fitness will be sure to reach new heights.