When you sign up with Green Box and start building your first custom order, you might wonder how we decide which vendors to stock. Our mission is to curate an ever-evolving selection of high-quality products so you can feel confident we’ve done all the work to bring you the best. Our process is different from how shops choose vendors in that we have more time to visit each prospective vendor and really dig into their process and methods to make the most informed choice possible. Instead of spending time at a dispensary counter asking questions about the products you might be interested in, you can choose from the comfort of your own home and have any info you might want right there for you to check out as you shop.

One quality that matters greatly in our selection process is Oregon ownership of the brand. We think it’s important to work with locally based brands that cycle their profits back into the local economy and want to highlight brands that believe in maintaining the high quality that Oregon cannabis is known for! We’re always striving to seek out the best and show you, local purveyors, you may not be familiar with but might love.

Premium, organically focused methods, and source materials are also crucial in the selection process. We personally visit the facility or farm of each brand to check out their methods and practices and make sure they meet our standards of quality and cleanliness. It’s also important that the companies treat their employees fairly and believe in upholding high integrity of business practices, and we dig into the history and mission of each brand to really get to know where they’re coming from and what their vision for the future of Oregon cannabis is. Join Green Box today and see for yourself how we’ve taken the guesswork out of not only choosing the best products but the best stories behind each brand as well. 

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